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Welcome to Disabled Erotica

Disabled Erotica is dedicated to showing that disabled women have a sexuality often overlooked or ignored in the world today.

Here you will find erotic stories featuring female characters who are all disabled or physically handicapped in some way, but still need and enjoy an active sex life.

You will find stories featuring leg and arm amputee women, some using crutches, others who use prosthetic limbs or peg legs. You will also find stories featuring paraplegic and polio victim women using wheelchairs and leg braces to aid their mobility, yet still leading active and imaginative sex lives.

Warning - Sexually Explicit Material - Adults Only

Click HERE to leave now if you are under 18 years of age, or may be offended by material of a sexually explicit nature featuring disabled women.

If you are comfortable with the material stated above please explore our Disabled Erotica web site and the sexuality of disabled women.

Update 18/11/15

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All of Sam's books are now available in PDF format for viewing on all devices. All books will continue to also be available as Apple E Books and Printed copies.

Sam is currently working on Disabled Erotica Volume 6. Watch this space for publication date.

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